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Jock Star Allure Black

Black end fabric with a starred pattern.Lateral elastics that go up the buttocks. Composition :...

Price €27.87

Tanga Fin Star Black

Fine tulle fabric with motifs Star inside elastic belt. Composition : 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane

Price €30.72

Jockstrap End Star Black

Fine fabric with a starred pattern inside. Wide and elastic belt. Composition : 90% Polyester,...

Price €30.72

Brief Lace Black Lace

The black LACE brief is a male underwear of the Luca brand. It is made of lace fabric leaving the...

Price €37.45

Jockstrap Lace black lace

The black DENTELLE Jockstrap is a male underwear from the Luca brand. It is composed of a front...

Price €34.33

Simili Master Black necklace

Here's a neck collar with the master word shown in silver letters. Neck tower from 32 to 42cm. In...

Price €28.94

The Damsel Bronze Ball Baillon is an ideal accessory to block the partner's mouth. It consists...

Price €45.57

Sweet Bronze Mask

This bronze color mask is proposed by the XPlay brand. It is ideal to hide the eyes and make the...

Price €31.71

Look At Me Bronze

This necklace is an accessory giving an elegant look. It consists of a height of 7.5cm in the...

Price €37.25
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X-Play Plain Crop tie 65cm

The X-Play Plain Crop tie is an ideal accessory to make the game time even more intense. This tie...

Price €24.12
  • Out-of-Stock

Paddle X-Play Spade 40cm

This X-Play Spade paddle is an ideal accessory for naughty moments. It allows to caress or hit...

Price €29.92
  • Out-of-Stock

Black X-Play Ankles Boots

These ankle handcuffs are made of leather simili with an elegant style. Ankle tower from 25 to 40...

Price €24.96
  • Out-of-Stock

Paddle X-Play 43cm Black

The paddle X-Play consists of a total length of 43 cm.The useful part is 27 x 8 cm. It taps on...

Price €21.68

The brand Allure X-Play is recognized for its high quality BDSM erotic accessories. It offers a wide range of articles for couples who wish to explore BDSM practices such as Bondage, Domination, Submission, Sadomasochism (BDSM) The brand's flagship accessories Allure X-Play are his ties, hammers, broth, BDSM collars and handcuffs. These items are designed to offer an immersive and exciting BDSM experience. The ties, hammers and buckets are made from top quality materials, such as leather or latex, to ensure the safety and durability of the products. Necklaces and handcuffs are made from robust materials to ensure safety and durability during use.