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What is poppers?

The poppers is a liquid stimulant that can be used for several purposes.It acts as a vasodilator, which allows to expand blood vessels and induce a feeling of relaxation in the person who consumes it.Although it is often associated with recreational activities, poppers can also be an interesting option to help sleep thanks to its relaxing properties.

One of the benefits of poppers is its immediate effect, but the duration may vary by individuals and the type of poppers used.The famous Rush poppers are available in several varieties that you can find on our site.It is up to you to choose the poppers that best fits your expectations.

3 types of powerful poppers rush :

The propyl poppers is the original Rush model and is the most commonly used.Its effect is intense but moderate, relatively short, and is perfect for novices or those looking for softer sensations.

The small SUPER RUSH yellow-dyed red fiber, known as amyl poppers, is composed of amyl nitrite.It is stronger and longer than propyl poppers, and better suited to regulars or those looking for more intense sensations.

The GOLD RUSH poppers is the most powerful of the three and lasts the longest in time.It is also composed of amyl nitrite, and its effects are very pronounced.

How to take poppers rush?

Kamasutoys explains how to safely use poppers.Inhalation is the most common method of use.There are two options for inhalation: indirect inhalation and direct inhalation.If you are novice in the use of poppers or are looking for a lighter feeling, opt for indirect inhalation by simply opening your bottle and leaving the substances spread in the room.

For a more intense experience, direct inhalation is the option to choose.Open the bottle and place it a few centimeters from one of your nostrils without sticking it to your nose.Then breathe, by clicking the other nostril if you wish, for more developed effects.

Regulation on poppers rush :

Although poppers are associated with recreational activities, it has been legal in France since 2013 and can be used to help sleep because of its relaxing properties.However, there are some rules to be followed to safely use poppers, such as not mixing different types of poppers, not consume with other stimulants such as Viagra and not apply it directly to the skin, as this can cause irritation.

Although poppers agree with most people, there are counterindications to take into account.People with heart disease or other heart defects and pregnant women should avoid the use of poppers.The sale of poppers to people under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited.

Conclusion of poppers rush:

Rush is the poppers star and is suitable for all profiles, whether for recreational use or to help sleep.The colorful bottles of the Rush brand, stamped with a superhero, Captain Rush, are essential in the world of poppers.Connoisseurs know that the Rush poppers was already a must in the 1970s and remains one of the best thanks to its remarkable effects.Its composition has been unchanged since.