Latex-free condoms

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Latex-free condoms: an alternative for allergic people
Latex condoms are most commonly used, but they can cause allergic reactions in some people. Latex-free condoms are an alternative for people with latex allergy or who simply prefer an alternative.
Types of condoms without latex
There are several types of latex-free condoms available on the market, including polyurethane condoms, polyisoprene condoms and nitrile condoms. Each of these types of condoms offers a protection barrier against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, but can vary in terms of sensation and flexibility. It is important to discuss with your partner to determine the best type of latex-free condom for you.
How to correctly use a latex-free condom
It is important to follow the instructions for use on the packaging to properly use a latex-free condom. This includes checking the expiration date, checking if there are signs of damage, running the condom on the erect penis, and ensuring that there is enough room at the end to collect the sperm. It is also important to never use a condom that has already been used.