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"Short Sexy for Men: How to Choose the Perfect Model for a Irresistible Look Men's shorts also managed to make a place of choice in male fashion trends. They offer a casual and elegant look at the same time, and are particularly appreciated for their comfort. But how to choose its shorts from the many models available on the market? And what are the different options available? We will give you all the keys to choose your sexy shorts. Types of men's shorts There are several types of men's shorts, each with its own characteristics. The most common are: Classic shorts: This is the simplest model, often made of cotton, with elastic waist and side pockets. It is ideal for a casual and comfortable look. The Bermuda shorts: This model is longer than the classic short, it is usually cotton and is ideal for hot days. Jean shorts: It is usually in denim and is more elegant than the classic shorts, it is ideal for evening outings. The leather shorts: It is usually made of synthetic leather and is more elegant than the classic shorts, it is ideal for evening outings. How to choose his shorts There are several criteria to be taken into account when choosing shorts. First, it is important to consider matter. Cotton shorts are the most comfortable and easy to maintain, but there are also polyester or leather options. It is also important to consider cutting and design. It is best to choose a model that will highlight your silhouette and harmonize with the rest of your outfit. How to maintain its shorts To maintain your shorts, it is important to follow the maintenance instructions mentioned on the label. In general, it is recommended to wash the shorts with cold water and not use bleach. It is also advisable to dry it in the open air rather than in the dryer to avoid damage. Buy quality shorts on kamasutoys At Kamasutoys, we offer a wide selection of quality men's shorts. Whether you are looking for a classic short or a more trendy model, you will certainly find your happiness on your N°1 pleasure dispenser online by the quality of its products and its choice of all kinds.