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Necklaces and Leashes: Essential BDSM Accessories

Necklaces and leashes are among the most popular BDSM accessories. They allow couples to play with roles and powers during their erotic games.

How to use a necklace and a leash?

Necklaces and leashes can be used in different ways depending on the preferences of each. It is possible to attach the collar to the person who plays the role of subject and hold the leash to direct his movements. It is also possible to exchange roles and be guided by his partner.

The quality of the collars and leashes offered by Kamasutoys

Kamasutoys is a sex-shop that offers a wide variety of BDSM products and accessories. The necklaces and leashes offered on their site are of quality and made with durable materials to guarantee your safety and comfort. Customers can also enjoy free guarantees and returns in case of problems. Kamasutoys also offers necklaces and leaves of different styles and designs to meet all tastes.

How to choose his collar and leash

There are many models of necklaces and leashes available on Kamasutoys, so it is important to think carefully about the use you want to do before making your purchase. The size and shape of the collar, the length and the material of the leash, and your aesthetic preferences must be taken into account. It is also important to check that the collar and the leash are comfortable and safe to avoid any accident risk.


Necklaces and leashes are BDSM accessories that allow couples to play with roles and powers during their erotic games. It is important to think carefully about how you want to use it before making your purchase and checking the quality and safety of products. Kamasutoys offers quality necklaces and leashes with free guarantees and returns.