Geisha balls

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Dimensions: Length: 16.3 cmWidth: 3.2 cmWeight: 32 grams

Price €26.70

Geisha balls color Peche

These Geisha balls are here Peche color.They feature a 3cm ball duo in diameter for easy and...

Price €17.13

These balls of Geisha are composed of two balls of 3.4cm of pink color diameter with a weight...

Price €17.10

Made of silicone, abs and surgical steel, these geisha balls are 100% warterproof.

Price €22.38

Dimensions:Total length: 19.5 cm including 10 cm of ballDiameter: 3.8 cm Weight: 95 grams

Price €20.14

Geisha Duo Balls Silver

These balls of Geisha Duo Balls are composed of a diameter of 3.3cm. They are washed inside with...

Price €14.18

Duo Balls 11 x 3.3cm Roses

These pink geisha balls are ideal for moments of pleasure. Each of them measures 3.3cm wide and...

Price €16.61

These anal balls are vibrant and give even more pleasure. They control themselves with a remote...

Price €21.91

Precautions: Use a water-based lubricant After cleaning, keep in a clean, dry and heat-free place...

Price €53.56

Balls of Geisha Marbrée

These Duo Balls red geisha balls are designed with a width of 3.3cm. Each ball has an oscillating...

Price €15.76

Geisha Balls 3.5 cm Rose

These balls of Geisha form a sex toy composed of 3 pink balls of 3.5cm diameter connected by a...

Price €18.30

Instructions for use: Clean after each use Use a water-based lubricant Store in a clean, dry and...

Price €23.17

Features: Waterproof silicone material AAA batteries (furnishes) Length 8.3cm Width of 3.5cm

Price €112.28
Price €16.73
Price €24.87

Precautions for use: Clean before and after use Preferably use a water-based lubricant Store in a...

Price €24.87

These Geisha balls of the brand Rosy Gold are ideal for stimulating the pelvic area. They are...

Price €40.99

Red geisha balls - 3.4 cm

Dimensions:Length of the string between the 2 balls: 5 cmDiameter of the balls: 3.5 cmTotal...

Price €13.67