Sextoys en métal

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The Teardrop metal Penis Plug is a urethral plug measuring 4.5cm long and 12mm in diameter. It is...

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Discover the Benefits of Metal Sextoys

The metal sex toys offer a totally new dimension to the exploration of pleasure. Durable, elegant and offering a unique sensory experience, the metal is distinguished by its many beneficial properties for enrichment of privacy.

Why Choose Metal Sex Toys?

Metal sex toys are taken for their sustainability and their ability to drive and retain temperature, allowing stimulating hot and cold games. Here are some of their key benefits:

  • Hygiene: Metal is non-porous, facilitating effective cleaning and preventing bacterial proliferation.
  • Sustainability: At the test of time, metal sex toys are almost indestructible, representing a perennial investment.
  • Conductivity Thermic: Ideal for exploring temperature sensations, they promise unique experiences.

Uncomparable Sensory Experience

The smooth texture and cold metal offers a distinctive sensation to the touch, clearly distinguishing itself from other materials. This characteristic, combined with the possibility of playing with the temperature, opens the door to a sensory exploration without the same.

Respectful of the Environment

Choosing metal sex toys, it's also making a gesture for the environment. Their longevity and recycling contribute to waste reduction.


Metal sex toys are an excellent option for those who seek to enrich their intimate life with durable, hygienic products and offering unique sensations. Discover our carefully chosen selection to transform your sensory experience.