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BDSM Accessories and Uro Games: Discover the unexpected pleasures of urophilia

BDSM accessories are known for their ability to stimulate senses and offer intense erotic experiences. But there is an even more specific type of accessory that can bring an additional dimension to the BDSM game: the uro accessories.

What is urophilia?

Urophilia, also known as scatology, is a field of human sexuality that is interested in human excretions. This may include activities such as urination, defecation and stool manipulation.

Uro Games : accessories

There is a variety of uro accessories available for practitioners of this form of BDSM. The most common include urine bottles, urinary dildos, adult layers, urine basins and buckets.

Benefits of the Uro Games

The uro games can bring an extra dimension to sexuality by exploring unusual erogenous zones. This can also add a dimension of domination and submission to the BDSM game.

How to use Uro accessories

It is important to remember that uro games can be dangerous if hygiene precautions are not taken. It is therefore essential to carefully clean all accessories before and after each use.

Types of Cages de Chastetés

There is a wide variety of chastity cages available on the market, made from different materials such as metal, plastic and rubber.

How to clean and maintain the Cages de Chastetés

It is important to regularly clean chastity cages to avoid any risk of infection. This can be done using a soft cleaner and hot water. It is also important to regularly check the adjustment of the cage to ensure that it is always comfortable for the person who wears it.