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Discover a range of quality sexy lingerie women! Be irresistible, sensual, provocative, elegant or romantic with sexy lingerie for the most sexful woman of the moment! Set of lingerie, garter belts, washer & corset and panties or thong as well as bras that will be your forms in evidence! You want to attract all eyes? Opt for sexy lingerie! Whether it's the tastes, shape, color and even the Kamasutoys price to a whole range of sexy lingerie for women and the best brands in the field as Obsessive; Passion Free your Senses and Cottelli Lingerie . So going to be irresistible? Add chili in your couple and be more accomplice with unique naughty moments! Become a predator with seduction sex lingerie and melt all the looks that will arise on you! Be sensual, romantic, provocative or for erotic games. Sexy feminine lingerie allows to beautify your silhouette and your intimate pleasures! What kind of sexy lingerie choose? Sexy lingerie gives an aspect of seducer by its forms but also its matter. Let's see together the different types of lingerie for women! A set of lingerie includes a stockings (a panties or a thong) and a top (a bra or a nuisette) this set is in harmony, be it color and matter. A set of lingerie worn is an assured seduction! The garter belt that is the most famous sexy lingerie! It is a underwear that sits at the size level and allows to keep stockings. The bottoms make all the difference because a garter belt without nothing is not very elegant. The hatcher and Corsicat are sexy underwear whose main utility is to shape the silhouette by refining it as with a sheath and thus giving it the appearance of a "waspe size These sex lingeries have the same principle as the garter belt except that instead of going to the waist they start at the shoulder level. The nuisette is a very short and light night shirt. A nuisette is usually accompanied by a panties or a thong. Perfect to be comfortable at home where to sleep at night but be careful wearing this lingerie for woman you will succumb your partner day and night! Open lingerie brings together a whole range of sexy lingerie for woman or intimate parts are seer. These open lingerie allow you to have sex without having to remove your underwear! Practical and hyper sexy her open sexy lingerie will strongly spice up your naughty moments. Kamasutoys also has a range of thongs and bras. wife's leg wearing a sexy lingerie stockings What occasion do we wear an erotic lingerie? The erotic lingerie can be worn for a special occasion in order to create a charming atmosphere in harmony with the moment that presents itself as to: Christmas parties Valentine's Day A wedding The anniversary of his partner Whatever the occasion, wearing one of these erotic lingeries will make its events unique and unforgettable moments. fetish girl wearing a sexy lace thong for woman Sexy lingerie are not necessarily worn for special occasions. They can be worn to: Ranimer the flame of your couple Enter your partner Feeling good in her body Increase confidence in you Being sensual and romantic How do I maintain her nasty lingerie? In order to be able to carry her nasty lingerie as long as possible, it is essential to take care of it! Make sure to clean her sexy lingerie properly according to her material because the lace, there be, the tulle is cotton are delicate materials that require intent. Kamasutoys advises you to recommend hand-washing with warm and soapy water. You can also put them to the washing machine but this solution is less advisable. INTERDIT to dry your naughty lingerie in the dryer and iron them! It abims lingerie. Look at the label of your nasty lingerie is a safe value to know the type of washing to adapt.