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"Sexy harness for Men: How to Choose the Perfect Model for a Irresistible Look Men's harnesses have managed to make a place of choice in male erotic fashion trends. They offer a provocative and sensual look at the same time, and are particularly appreciated for their ability to highlight the forms of man. But how to choose its harness among the many models available on the market? And what are the different options available? We will give you all the keys to choose your sexy harness. Types of harness for men There are several types of man harnesses, each with its own characteristics. The most common are: The torso harness: This is the simplest model, often in leather or leather, with straps that surround the chest and back. It is ideal for a provocative and sensual look. The shoulder harness: This model is similar to the torso harness, but it only covers the shoulders and enhances the arms. It is ideal for men who seek to show their musculature. Jockstrap harness: It is a model that combines a harness and a brief, it is ideal for men who seek to show their spanking. The thong harness : It is similar to the jockstrap harness, but it is smaller and more discreet, it is ideal for men who seek to show their spanking in a subtle way. How to choose your harness There are several criteria to be taken into account when choosing a harness. First, it is important to consider matter. Leather harnesses are the most classic and strongest, but there are also options in leather or fabric. It is also important to consider cutting and design. It is best to choose a model that will highlight your silhouette and harmonize with the rest of your outfit. How to maintain her harness To maintain your harness, it is important to follow the maintenance instructions mentioned on the label. In general, it is recommended to clean the harness with a wet cloth and not use chemicals.