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Vibrating Realistic Godes are popular sexual toys that mimic the shape and sensation of a penis. They are often used for masturbation and can also be used as a couple to add variety to sexual life. There are several types of Vibrant Realistic Godes available on the market, each offering different features. The most common Vibrating Gods are: Classic Vibrating Godes: These sex toys usually have a form of penis with veins and bumps to imitate the appearance of a real penis. They can be used for masturbation or role games. The Realistic Gods Suction cups: These sex toys are designed to be fixed to a flat surface for easy use and without hands. They are often used for masturbation or role games. The Dual-Extreme Vibrating Godes: These sex toys have a tip that imitates a penis and another end that imitates a vagina. They are often used for masturbation or role games. Vibrating Realistic Godes are usually made from materials such as silicone, rubber and TPE. Silicone is the most common material for Vibrating Realistic Godes because it is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Rubber and TPE are also used, but they can be less durable and more difficult to clean. It is important to choose a Vibrating Realistic Godes that suits your personal needs and preferences. It is also important to choose a quality sex toy to avoid allergy or infection. Kamasutoys is an online sex-shop recognized for the quality of its products. It is important to clean and maintain your Vibrating Realistic Godes before and after each use to avoid infection risks. It is recommended to clean the toy with warm water and a cleaner for sex toys or soapy water. Also make sure to dry the toy properly before storing it.