Cockrings and Ballstretcher

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Cockring BELOWED 15mm

The BELOWED cockring offered on the gay shop is a stainless steel ring with a glossy finish. It...

Price €23.65

ROUND 8mm metal cockring

This ROUND metal cockring from the brand Kiotos is a 8mm diameter penis ring. It has a simple and...

Price €34.69

DONUT metal cock ring 15mm

This metal cockring from the brand Kiotos is a penis ring in DONUT form. It has a round shape and...

Price €30.35

Cockring with 3cm ball plug

this metal accessory consists of two parts that reinforce the excitement. It is realized with a...

Price €48.91

Cockring Belowed black 15mm

This penis accessory is a black ring made of metal with a beautiful curved shape. It is ideal to...

Price €27.45

Round Ring black

Dimensions: Size S: Diameter 40mm Size M: Diameter 45mm Size L: Diameter 50mm

Price €21.06

Round Ring Blue

Dimensions: Size S: Diameter 40mm Size M: Diameter 45mm Size L: Diameter 50mm

Price €33.80

Cockring Thin Steel 10mm

This accessory is a stainless steel ring composed of a width of 10mm and a thickness of 5mm. It...

Price €25.28

Stainless steel 8mm black

This cockring is a thin ring for the penis. It sits at the base of the sex and strengthens the...

Price €28.66

Ballstretcher Lifter Black

Ballstretcher Lifter is an accessory proposed by the brand Rude Rider. It allows to maintain...

Price €29.56

Cockring Donut O Ring 14mm

That cockring Donut O Ring of the brand Kiotos is a sex toy designed in metal and placing at the...

Price €31.20

Neoprene Ring Thin 10mm

This neoprene cockring is an ideal penis ring to bring more sensations. It also improves...

Price €41.18

Metal cockring Jumbo

This metal cockring is an ideal accessory to tighten the sex base and give a harder and sustained...

Price €43.96

Metal Cockring Donut Band

This metal cockring is an ideal sex ring to tighten the base of the penis and give a larger...

Price €40.99

Rubber Ring 4mm

Instructions for use: Clean before and after use Use a water-based lubricant Store in a clean...

Price €13.40

Cockrings and Ballstretcher : discover the benefits of these erotic accessories

The cockrings and ballstretchers are erotic accessories designed to improve the sexual performance of men. They are increasingly popular with couples who seek to piment their sexual life.

The cockrings: how does it work?

The cockrings are metal, rubber or silicone rings, which are placed around the base of the penis to increase the rigidity and duration of the erection. By tightening blood vessels, they allow to hold more blood in the penis, which causes a firmer and longer erection.

There are different types of cockrings, each with its own advantages. Metal rings are the most traditional, but can be difficult to remove once in place. Rubber or silicone rings are more flexible and easier to handle.

Ballstretchers: what are they for?

Ballstretchers, or ball stretchers, are devices that place around the testicles to stretch them slightly. This can increase the sensitivity of testicles and perineum, as well as the duration of erection.

Ballstretchers can also be used to increase the size of the testicles, which can be an aesthetic asset for some men. They are usually made of metal, rubber or silicone, and can be adjustable to fit different sizes of testicles.

How to use cockrings and ballstretchers safely?

It is important to follow the instructions for use and carefully clean the cockrings and ballstretchers before and after each use. It is also important not to wear these accessories for long periods, as this could cause irritation or damage to the tissue.

It is also important to note that cockrings and ballstretchers should not be used by men with blood circulation problems or heart health problems.