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What is a male masturbator egg?

A male masturbator egg is a sex toy designed to stimulate the penis. It is usually in the form of a silicone or TPE shell (elastomer thermoplastic rubber) that covers a foam or gel insert. Masturating eggs can have various textures and shapes to imitate different sensations, such as blowjob, vaginal or anal penetration.

Different types of male masturbators eggs

There are several types of male masturbators, each with different features and features. Here are some examples: Classic masturbators eggs: These are the most common and simple. They usually have a cylindrical shape and a smooth texture. Masturating eggs with texture: These have reliefs and asparagus inside to imitate the sensations of the skin. Vibration masturbators: They have built-in engines to produce vibrations that add additional stimulation. The connected masturbators eggs: These sex toys are connected to a smartphone or computer to allow the customization of vibrations and scenarios.

How to use a male masturbator egg

The use of a male masturbator egg is quite simple. Just lubricate the insert and drag it on the penis. It is important to wash your hands well and clean the egg before and after each use.

Why buy a male masturbator egg?

There are several reasons why a man might want to buy a masturbator egg. Masturating eggs can offer extra stimulation during masturbation, and they can help improve sexual health by strengthening the penis muscles. In addition, they can help achieve more intense and more frequent orgasms.

How to clean and maintain a male masturbator egg

It is important to properly clean and maintain a male masturbator egg to prolong its life. Here are some steps to follow: Remove the insert from the hull and wash it with hot water and ideally with a sex toy cleaner.