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XXL plugs: for extreme stimulation

The XXL plugs are designed for people seeking intense stimulation and a more pronounced feeling of filling. They are generally wider and longer than the standard plugs, and can sometimes have unique shapes and textures for a more intense experience.

Benefits of XXL plugs

The XXL plugs offer a more intense filling sensation compared to the standard plugs, which can be very exciting for some people. They can also help stimulate specific areas of anatomy, such as point G or cervix.

In addition, XXL plugs can be used for domination/submission games, allowing the dominant person to control the filling sensation of the other person.

How to use XXL plugs

It is important to take the time to get used to the size of a XXL plug before using it. It is recommended to start with a smaller plug and work up to larger sizes to make sure you are comfortable with the feeling of filling.

It is also important to use sufficient lubricant to facilitate insertion. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant to avoid irritation.

Finally, it is important to ensure that the plug is properly set to avoid any risk of loss or leakage.

Types of XXL plugs

There is a variety of XXL plugs on the market, each offering different sensations. Some are designed for prostatic stimulation, while others have unique shapes and textures for vaginal or anal stimulation.

It is important to choose a plug according to your personal preferences and to understand the specificities of each model before making your choice.

Maintenance and cleaning of XXL plugs

It is important to carefully clean XXL plugs before and after each use to avoid infections and irritation. Use a cleaner for sex toys or water and soap.