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Les BD Mangas Érotiques: an exploration of sexuality in Asia

The BD Mangas Erotics, or Hentai in Japanese, are a popular genre of cartoons in Asia that stage erotic and sexual content. These comics can include nudity scenes, explicit sex and themes such as BDSM, Yaoi (homosexual graphics romans) and Yuri (the lesbian graphics romans). Although these comics are often associated with Japan, they are also popular in South Korea, China and other Asian countries.

Current themes in the BD Mangas Erotics

The BD Mangas Érotiques often address themes such as female sexuality and love relationships, with stories often focused on female characters. Stories can also include scenes of rape, domination and submission, as well as themes such as incest and zoophilia. Erotic comics can also include romantic and erotic homosexual and lesbian stories.

BD Mangas Erotics and Asian Culture

BD Mangas Erotics are often considered an expression of sexuality in Asian culture. Erotic comics are often considered a way to live sexual fantasies or to escape from reality. They are also considered a way to discover and explore their own sexuality. However, some people may consider erotic comic strips as offensive or as a form of pornography.

BD Mangas Energy and Censorship

Because of the erotic nature of Erotic Mangas, they can be censored or banned in some countries. In Japan, for example, pornography involving minors is illegal and erotic comics publishers can choose to censor certain scenes to comply with the law. Apart from Japan, Erotic Mangas can also be censored for cultural or moral reasons.