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The BDSM dungeon games accessories, also called "playroom", are furniture elements specifically designed for BDSM practices. They can include crosses of Saint-André, examination tables, interrogation chairs and baldaquin beds.
The crosses of Saint-André are structures in the form of crosses on which partners can be attached for flogging or spanking sessions. Exam tables are flat surfaces on which partners can be extended for gynaecological examination sessions or other forms of stimulation. Interrogation chairs are seats on which partners can be attached for interrogation or domination sessions. Baldaquin beds are raised beds with curtains for play games or domination sessions.
It is important to note that these accessories are not only used for pain, but also for domination, submission, and staging of BDSM scenarios. It is important to discuss with his partner on limits and expectations before engaging in these practices.
It is also important to ensure that all accessories are in good condition before using them and maintaining them properly to avoid accidents. It is also important to respect the limits of each and to remember that the BDSM is supposed to be consensual and non-violent.
Finally, it is important to note that BDSM dungeon game accessories can be expensive and often require space to be stored and used. It is therefore important to think carefully before engaging in the purchase of these accessories.