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Energy Calendars: a sensual way to mark days

Erotic calendars are calendars that feature naked or unclear patterns for each month of the year. They can be created for artistic, commercial or erotic purposes, and can be designed for a male or female audience. Erotic calendars can be purchased in erotic or online product stores, and they can also be created by professional photographers or amateurs.

Different types of erotic calendars

There are many types of erotic calendars, each with a different style and target audience. Erotic calendars for men can feature naked or denuded female models, while erotic calendars for women can feature naked or denuded male models. There are also erotic calendars for couples, which can include erotic games positions and ideas for each month of the year. There are also thematic erotic calendars, such as pine-up calendars, lingerie calendars or playmate calendars.

The advantages of erotic calendars

Erotic calendars can be used for various reasons. Some simply use them to decorate their home or office, while others can use them to sexually inspire themselves or to plan erotic activities with their partner. Erotic calendars can also be used as a gift for a person who appreciates erotic images. They can also be used for advertising purposes.

How to choose an erotic calendar

It is important to choose an erotic calendar that suits your tastes and preferences. If you are looking for an erotic calendar for your own pleasure, it is important to choose a calendar with models that attract you. If you buy an erotic calendar as a gift, it is important to consider the preferences of the person you offer it to.