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Everything about the Sextoy in Glass!

Why choose the glass?

The glass sex toys offer a unique experience in personal pleasure. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but their smooth surface ensures comfortable and hygienic use. In addition, they are perfect for playing with temperature, offering varied and stimulating sensations.

Security above all

Designed in high quality tempered glass, these toys guarantee safe use without risk of breakage. It is important to choose certified products for a carefree experience.

How do I maintain them?

Cleaning and maintenance of glass sex toys are simple. A warm soapy water or a specific cleaner for sex toys is enough to keep them in perfect condition.

The benefits of Sextoy en Verre

Sustainability and longevity

Glass, robust and durable material, ensures that your investment lasts years. Unlike sex toys made from softer materials, those in glass do not deteriorate over time.

Unique sensations

The glass allows an exceptional slip, which can be amplified with the use of lubricants. The ability of the glass to retain heat or cold also offers the possibility to explore exciting temperature games.

Easy cleaning

One of the great benefits of glass sex toys is their ease of cleaning. Their resistance to water and bacteria ensures irreproachable hygiene after each use.

Explore the Different Types of Sextoy in Glass

Plugs in Glass

The glass plugs are appreciated for their elegant aesthetics and functionality. Perfect for those looking for a soft introduction to anal play, these sex toys offer a smooth surface that facilitates insertion. Their widened base ensures safe use, while the glass material allows an exciting temperature set.

Dildos en Verre

The glass dildos are distinguished by their durability and the possibility to use them with any type of lubricant without risk of degradation. Their shapes vary from realistic models to artistic creations, offering a wide range of sensations. Some have textures or curves to stimulate specific points, such as point G or point P.

Pearls and Balls in Glass

The glass beads and balls are designed for internal stimulation and strengthening of pelvic floor. They can be used in series for progressive insertion or individually for exploration at its own pace. The glass adds a pleasant weight that can improve the sensation and effectiveness of the exercise.

Choose the Bon Sextoy in Glass

Understanding your preferences

Before making your choice, take the time to think about what you are looking for in terms of shape, size and texture. Each detail can significantly affect your experience.

Accessories and maintenance

Remember to acquire the necessary accessories, such as compatible lubricants and specific cleaning solutions. Well maintain your sex toy glass ensures its durability and safety.