Gaines of Doigts

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"Doigts: Intense stimulation of Clitoris and Point G The finger sheaths are erotic accessories designed to improve the experience of female masturbation. They provide an intense boost to erogenous areas such as clitoris and G-point. Different types of finger sheaths There are different types of finger sheaths on the market, each offering unique sensations. Rubber or silicone sheaths are flexible and easy to use, while metal or glass sheaths offer stronger and more intense sensations. There are also vibration finger sheaths for even more intense pleasure. Material Finger sheaths can be made from different materials such as silicone, rubber, metal or glass. Each of these materials offers different sensations and it is important to choose the one that best suits your personal preferences. How to choose her finger sheath It is important to choose a finger sheath that suits your personal feel and design preferences. It is also important to check that the sheath is made from safe materials for the body and easy to clean. Maintenance It is important to carefully clean your finger sheath before and after each use. If it is made from silicone or rubber, you can wash it with warm water and soft soap. If it is made of metal or glass, you can clean it with friction alcohol. Kamasutoys your online N°1 pleasure distributor offers a wide range of Doigts Gaines with for each sex-toys an irreproachable quality and ultra sexy price.