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This sm accessory is a position maintainer that improves comfort during penetration. The...

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This sexual defect has 6 positions and allows to bring fun. Sold to the unit

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Position Holder: A Help to Improve Sex Reports
Position maintainers are erotic products designed to help couples maintain specific sexual positions in a comfortable and safe way. They can help improve the quality of sexual intercourse by allowing more varied positions and increasing stimulation for both partners.
Position Maintainer Types
There are different types of position maintainers on the market, each with unique features and advantages. Position cushions, for example, are often used to help maintain more difficult positions while reducing pressure on the joints. Position straps can be used to maintain more acrobatic positions or to add stimulation by focusing on certain parts of the body. The position benches offer a wide variety of positions and stimulation levels using different angles and inclinations.
Benefits of Position Holders
Position maintainers can bring many benefits to couples. They can help increase stimulation for both partners by allowing more varied positions. They can also help reduce pressure on joints and muscles, which can allow couples to hold positions longer. Finally, they can help explore new sensations and build confidence by trying new positions.
Specialized brand : Liberator
There are many brands of position maintainer available on the market, but one of the most famous is Liberator. This brand offers a wide variety of products, all designed to help couples explore new positions and new sensations. Liberator products are made from high quality materials and designed to last.