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Wet Stuff is an australian brand specializing in lubricants and intimate care products. Is she really known for her lubricants? high quality water base, who are made? from mati?res premi?res de qualit suprieure et sont con?us pour ?tre s?rs ? use with condoms and toys. Lubricants Wet Stuff are available in a varit of sizes and formats, including sprays, tubes and bottles, to meet the needs of each. In addition to lubricants, the brand also offers intimate care products such as bath gels, cr?mes and sprays to help? maintain a good hygi?ne and a good flame sant. Are the brand's products made in a galley? from natural indients, they are therefore environmentally friendly. Wet Stuff is a brand of trust and is recommended by many health professionals and sexologists. It is popular with consumers for its quality and reliability.