Bustier, Guêpières and Corsets

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Bustiers, Guêpières and Corsets : The accessories of essential lingerie for naughty moments Looking to add a touch of sensuality to your intimate moments? The busters, hats and corsets are accessories of essential lingerie to enhance your silhouette and feel more desirable. Benefits of using a Bustier, Guêpières and Corsets The busters, haters and corsets have many advantages, especially for those who seek to enhance their chest or size. They can also help to correct the small imperfections of the silhouette, for a sculpting effect. In addition, they are often designed with quality materials, for optimal comfort. Types of Bustier, Guêpières and Corsets for women There are different types of busters, haters and corsets, each with specific characteristics: The busters: they usually have hats to support the chest, with or without straps. They can be worn alone or under clothing. The washers: they have hats to support the chest and stockings to keep the stockings. They are usually worn with stockings. Corsets: they have an adjustable waist and can be tight to reshape the silhouette. They can be worn alone or under clothing. How to choose your Bustier, Guêpières and Corsets It is important to choose a bustier, assailant or corset that suits your morphology and your needs. It is advisable to take the measurements of your chest, waist and hip to choose the most appropriate size. It is also important to consider the material for optimal comfort. How to clean up your Bustier, Guêpières and sexy Corsets for women It is important to regularly clean your nozzle, washer or corset to maintain its quality and extend its life. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer's washing instructions. In general, it is best to wash by hand with warm water and a soft detergent, then to hang to dry in the open air. It is also important to avoid ironing or drying.