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Back Door Babe Love Doll

The Back Door Babe inflatable doll is a sex toy designed for lonely naughty moments. It consists...

Price €41.34

Cowgirl Yael

This inflatable doll Cowgirl Yael is composed of: the rigid head with the hair and open mouth of...

Price €81.08

Cowgirl Fayola

This inflatable Cowgirl Fayola doll is designed with: a 3D head with an exciting open mouth...

Price €81.08

Horny Boobie Marilyn

This inflatable doll is ideal for very naughty moments. It consists of: a rigid head with blue...

Price €109.23

This inflatable doll is composed of: an anus input for anal penetration the penis 14cm of...

Price €39.78

The Sex Dolls: Everything you need to know


Sex dolls have become more and more popular in recent years. They have been used for centuries for various reasons, ranging from exploration of sexuality to therapy for people with sexual disorders. In this article, we will explore the different types of sex dolls available, their use and the benefits they can bring.

The different types of sex dolls

There are several types of sex dolls available on the market. Silicone dolls are the most realistic and costly. Rubber or PVC dolls are cheaper but less realistic. There are also inflatable dolls that are the cheapest of all but do not really look like human beings.

How to use a sex doll

It is important to remember that sex dolls are only for personal use and should not be shared with other people. It is also important to follow the instructions provided with the doll to avoid any damage.

Advantages of sex dolls

Sex dolls can bring many benefits, such as: Allow people with sexual disorders to better understand and manage their sexual desire. Help people with difficulties in having sex because of physical or emotional problems. Provide healthy emotional and sexual release for people who cannot or do not want to have sex with human partners.


Sex dolls can be a useful tool to explore her sexuality and manage her desires. It is important to understand the different types available and to follow the instructions for use to avoid any damage. It is also important to remember that sex dolls are only for personal use and should not be shared with other people.