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Sexy Singlets for men: an erotic underwear that takes care of your silhouette The singlet, also known as "barrier" is a type of men's underwear that was originally designed to highlight the masculine silhouette. It consists of a fabric that covers the chest and shoulders, with ties that hold the stock exchanges in place, and an opening in the back to allow the evacuation of the sweat. Over the years, the singlet has evolved to become a popular erotic underwear, particularly appreciated for its minimalist design and functionality. The sexy singlets offered by the Kamasutoys Online Shop, the N°1 of the online sex shops, include: Leather or resilient singlets: they are designed with more bone materials for a more intense look. Singlets: they have a wider cut to the crotch to highlight male attributes. The pocket singlets: they are designed with a pocket to highlight male attributes. All these types of singlets are designed with quality materials for optimal comfort and high durability, so that they can be worn on several occasions. How to choose the perfect Singlet It is important to choose a Singlet that suits your morphology and your needs. It is advisable to take your steps to choose the most appropriate size. It is also important to consider the material for optimal comfort. It is also important to consider the opportunity for which you want to wear it, to choose a suitable model.