Flexible cockrings

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Soft Fat Stretchy Blue

The soft cockring Fat Stretchy of the brand Rude Rider is an ideal penis accessory to enhance...

Price €19.30

The Stretch Clear flexible cockring is a ring placing at the base of the penis and allowing to...

Price €18.38

Soft Fat Stretchy Black

The Fat Stretchy black cockring is an accessory for the penis. It allows to tighten the sex and...

Price €14.11

Precautions for use: Clean after use Avoid contact with silicone-based lubricant Store in a...

Price €23.30

Flexible Cockrings: discover the advantages of these erotic accessories

Flexible cockrings are an alternative to traditional cockrings made of metal or rubber. They are designed to improve men's sexual performance by increasing the stiffness and duration of erection.

How do flexible cockrings work?

Flexible cockrings work the same way as traditional cockrings by tightening blood vessels from the base of the penis to hold more blood in the penis. This causes a firmer and longer erection. However, unlike traditional cockrings, flexible cockrings are made from flexible and elastic materials, such as silicone, making them more comfortable to wear and easier to remove.

What are the advantages of flexible cockrings?

Flexible cockrings offer many advantages over traditional cockrings. First, they are more comfortable to wear because they adapt better to the shape of the penis. They are also easier to remove, which can be useful in case of emergencies. In addition, they are usually made from hypoallergenic and phthalate-free materials, making them safer to use.

How to use flexible cockrings safely?

It is important to follow the instructions for use and carefully clean the flexible cockrings before and after each use. It is also important not to wear these accessories for long periods, as this could cause irritation or damage to the tissue. It is recommended to start by wearing the flexible cockring for short periods and gradually increase the duration of use.

It is also important to note that flexible cockrings should not be used by men with blood circulation problems or heart health problems. It is therefore recommended to consult a doctor before using a flexible cockring.

In short, flexible cockrings are a popular choice for men who seek to improve their sexual performance while enjoying greater comfort and safety.