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Sexy jockstrap for men: an erotic underwear with sports origins The jockstrap, also known as the "sport bra" is a type of underwear for men that was originally designed to support the genitals during the physical exercise. It consists of an elastic band that surrounds the waist, with ties that hold the scholarships in place, and an opening in the back to allow the evacuation of the sweat. Over the years, the jockstrap has evolved to become a popular erotic underwear, especially appreciated for its minimalist design and functionality. The sexy jockstrap offered by the Kamasutoys online shop include: Jockstraps made of leather or resilient: they are designed with more bone materials for a more intense look. The chewed jocks: they have a wider cut to the crotch to highlight the male attributes. The pocket jockstrap: they are designed with a pocket to highlight male attributes. How to choose his ideal Jockstrap It is important to choose a Jockstrap that suits your morphology and your needs. It is advisable to take your steps to choose the most appropriate size. It is also important to consider the material for optimal comfort. It is also important to consider the opportunity for which you want to wear it, to choose a suitable model. How to clean up his Jockstrap It is important to regularly clean its Jockstrap to maintain its quality and extend its lifespan. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer's washing instructions. In general, it is best to wash by hand with warm water and a soft detergent, then to hang to dry in the open air. It is also important to avoid ironing or drying. Some materials such as leather or resilient may require specific cleaning. It is therefore important to check the cleaning instructions properly before proceeding.