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"Les Boules de Geisha Vibrantes : Stimulation Interne et Extern à la Fois Vibrating geisha balls are erotic accessories designed for internal and external stimulation at a time. They are used to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and to increase the sensitivity of erogenous areas. In addition to this, vibrations bring extra stimulation for even more intense pleasure. How they work The vibrating geisha balls are composed of two or more balls connected by a wire or cord. Balls are inserted into the vagina and vibrations are produced by an engine inside the balls. Vibrations can be adjusted on different levels to fit your personal preferences. Benefits for pelvic floor Vibrating geisha balls are not only used for fun, but they can also help strengthen pelvic floor muscles. This can help prevent or improve problems such as urinary leaks or prolapsus (organ descent). It is important to note that these benefits are obtained only through regular use and proper training. How to choose its vibrant geisha balls It is important to choose vibrant geisha balls that are suitable for your personal feel and design preferences. It is also important to check that balls are made from safe materials for the body and easy to clean. It is important to take into account the weight and size of the balls to avoid any discomfort or pain. It is also important to check the power and vibration options to adapt to your preferences. Maintenance It is important to carefully clean your vibrating geisha balls before and after each use. If they are made from silicone or rubber, you can wash them with warm water and soft soap. If they are made of metal or glass, you can clean them with friction alcohol. It is also important to check the manufacturer's instructions for the maintenance of the vibrating part.