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The aspiration clitoral stimulators have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their ability to stimulate the clitoris in a unique and intense way. These sex toys use a suction technology to create a vacuum around the clitoris, which increases blood circulation and can cause more intense orgasms. There are several types of aspirational clitoral stimulators on the market, each with unique characteristics to meet the needs and preferences of each. The most common types include: Manual suction clitoral stimulators: these models use a hand pear to create a vacuum around the clitoris. Electric aspiration clitoral stimulators: these models are powered by an electric source and tend to be more powerful than manual models. Refillable suction clitoral stimulators: these models are rechargeable via USB and tend to be more ecological than battery models. There are also various materials used for aspirational clitoral stimulators, such as silicone, ABS and TPE, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Silicone is the most common material because it is hypoallergenic, easy to clean and durable. The ABS is also popular because it is water resistant and easy to clean, while the TPE is flexible and comfortable to use. When you choose a suction clitoral stimulator, it is important to consider your personal preferences in terms of size, shape and functionality. It is also important to check whether the stimulator is waterproof, as it facilitates cleaning and use in the shower or in the bath. To properly maintain and clean your clitoral stimulator with aspiration, you must first dismantle it and clean it with warm water and mild soap. Make sure you clean all parts, including joints and suction heads. It is also important to regularly disinfect your aspiration clitoral stimulator with a sex toys cleaner. It is important to note that some suction stimulators cannot be immersed in water. It is therefore important to check the instructions before cleaning them.