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Discover the real anal pleasure with the range of anal vibrators N°1 in terms of quality and sexy price to satisfy your greatest desires. Vibrating anal plug, swelling anal vibrator, remote controlled and connected to your sex shop Kamasutoys so that you can safely find your happiness! How to use an anal vibrator? Before using an anal vibrator it is necessary to make a few prerequisites before. First of all, the anal sex toy must be loaded completely before using it or inserting the appropriate batteries to the vibrator. Once your sex toy is ready for use, we'll go to hygiene: Clean sex toy before and after each use with a special cleaner for sex toy. Finally, for a clean pleasure clean your anus with an anal launting pear. What are the types of anal vibrator? There are several types of anal vibrator. Here are all different ranges of anal vibrator that there is in the sex shop kamasutoys: There is the vibrating anal plug like the Vibrant Anal Plug Delicious Fullness that is a discreet anal vibrator and can be worn in any discretion. Do you know the anal rosary? It is a succession of anal beads often from the smallest to the largest for a smooth and progressive insertion. The anal vibrator Lance is like an anal rosary except that it vibrates! Enjoy an intense anal pleasure with this anal sex toy. Do you want to live the extreme enjoyment of anal pleasure? So choose the Anal Va and Vient Ass Thruster vibrator which is a real sexual machine of intense pleasure! Designed to make unlimited back and forth in your anus! Ideal for anal followers. Also, you can find on the kamasutoys online sex shop anal stimulators such as Anal Vibrant Mercer For the highest excitement of the anus. Finally, there are anal vibrator kits that offer you different sizes of anal sex toys for more and more intense penetrations like the Anal Rechargeable Booty Cone vibrator. How to clean an anal vibrator? For optimal cleaning of anal vibrator, kamasutoys advises you to clean your sex toy with a special bio cleaner sex toy.